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Pistol Reflex Sight

The Surpass Reflex Sight SRS-7 is the best sighting solution for the modern pistols and semi automatic pistols. It provides 2MOA Red Dot and 32MOA Circle Dot sight vertical with total 3 different sight pictures which is Red dot / Circle Dot / Circle Only. Those sight pictures all in one optic, which allow users to switch the sights anytime when operating.


This Surpass Reflex Sight SRS-7 also has a solar power source abilities, which provides battery mode and auto solar mode, and can achieve 100,000 hours battery life. Moreover 10 meters military spec waterproof, blue tint lens, 7075 T6 Aluminum Housing and coated with military grade finishing make the Surpass Reflex Sight become extremely strong and reliable equipment for the users.

*contact us for specitication and price

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