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TRITON T8 4G Body Camera System

TRITON OPTICS offers an impressive TRITON T8 4G Body-worn Camera Equipment that will assist officers to be fully prepared in their daily activities.


This TRITON T8 4G Body-Worn Camera can improve security and safety for officers in the field, which has the ability to stream in real-time from the camera via 4G/Wi-Fi network, high quality real-time video that can be viewed through Digital Evidence Management System software. It allows the Command Center to coordinate tactical operations in real-time with eyes on the ground, ensure front-line officers and the Command Center will get the right information immediately. Alternatively, the officers also can send an S.O.S. alert back to the Command Center with their live video, GPS location details, and a request for assistance.


TRITON T8 4G Body-Worn Camera drastically improves the decision making, allows supervisors to coordinate tactical or emergency response operations in real-time, enables remote site surveys, and offers multiple safety benefits. With this equipment, officers can instantly do LIVE STREAMING video and also snap photos of crucial evidence from the crime scenes, victim injuries, vandalism, property damage, car accidents, burglaries, drugs, weapons, etc. Each photo will have GPS coordinates stamped  along with date and time.

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